Essential secrets of essay writing on a napkin

Secrets of writing a 1000 word essay –!

From now on, the count of 1000 words of your essay does not equal 1000 troublesome writing measures! Instead, is giving you the key to good essay writing that takes no more than a page. With this very witty trick (5 pieces of advice instead of 1000 words), it’s evident that we are pretty able to keep the appropriate length of the text, and it won’t take too much from you to learn this simple skill. 1000 words – 5 solutions! Read about our proven practices of using your time and efforts efficiently.

Your 5 steps to express everything you need in 1000 words

Step 1 – choose what you like to write your essay about: in sophisticated guides, it’s called defining your priorities. We prefer to explain this deep concept simply: just decide what topic inspires you the most. This won’t take long. Make a list of the topics that you think are appropriate for the class/course and grade them according to, say, 5 point scale.

If the ideas don’t come easy, try googling for several topics. Once several topics on the Web have attracted your attention, you can write about something opposite to the ones you don’t like and re-phrase the ones that attract you the most. In your search (step 2), concentrate on the specific subject and mind the credibility of your sources: it’s okay to use the sites with .edu, .info and .org domain names, but the texts on the commercial web sites may be tricky.

Step 3 – a backbone step: Just imagine that you are the demiurge creating a new essay species or an architect building a smart house. What would you start with? Every big project has grown from something small. We suggest having some basis that will later be filled up for a perfect creation. Your thesis statement is going to be just this basis. Narrow down your topic to one sentence from which you can build your universe. It should be clear and thought-provoking. The easiest way to make a thesis statement is stating the fact and your attitude to it.

Step 4 – finally, writing! Release all your potential that has been waiting for freedom for so long! How to do it? Simply! First, concentrate on the topic and forget about your inner editor. Just express what you think. Then, re-write your essay with your criticism turned on and make your every thought relevant to the topic – and grammar rules. You’ll see that virtually everyone can do this! Read your final draft as if you were another person. This way, you will better see the places to improve your wording.

Step 5 – watch Word or LibreOffice counting for you! Do not stick your creative mind to the irritating limit of 1000 words when the software can help you! Just take a look at the word counter from time to time while making progress in your essay. And don’t forget that with the writing experts from, the whole process is easier!